Thursday, June 5, 2014

Great Northern Beans

Canned Food Challenge Day 1

I'll be honest. I skipped breakfast this morning. I was out getting the oil changed and my hair cut. Right now the first meal is on the stove: Italian style Great Northern Beans!

So what's in the pot?

4 cans . . . salt, pepper, and shelf stable "Parmesan" cheese.  See you can cook too! (My new can opener works great, but I really want an old school swing line. Anyone know who still carries them? Wally World does not.)

No really, what's in the pot:

1 can of Great Northern Beans
1 can of Spinach
1 can of Diced Tomatoes-the Basil, Garlic, & Oregano flavor
1 can of Chunk Light Tuna in Oil
1/2 cup of "Parmesan" cheese--it came from the Dollar Store . . . it's not real
Salt and Pepper

Drain and rinse the beans, drain about half the oil out of the tuna and dump everything in a pot. Simmer until the consistency is where you want it.  You can eat this one as is . . . or you can stretch it from 3 meals to 6 by adding a half pound of pasta. Your choice! I personally like this one with pasta--so I've got water boiling for penne right now!

Cost?  About $2.09 without the pasta and $2.59 with the pasta!

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