Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Favorite Sandwiches!

Everyone knows I love burgers. I do, I REALLY do. However, I also love good old deli sandwiches. I have two favorite sandwiches. One is pretty simple: ham and cheese with coleslaw and mustard. It's also my Dad's favorite sandwich. Probably where my love came from as he made all my school lunches when I was growing up. There is no mystery in a ham and cheese sandwich--although we could discuss types of ham and types of cheese all day and I have gotten pretty picky about my slaw. The premade stuff from Walmart doesn't cut it--it's chopped and I much prefer julienned slaw. It is also far to wet for successful sandwich making. Lately I've been buying precut slaw and making my own dressings. (In a pinch I use Kraft's Poppy Seed Dressing.)

My other favorite sandwich is found at Columbia Harbor House at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. There it bears the name the Lighthouse Sandwich. I found a recipe for said sandwich on AllEars. The bread has changed, though, since this recipe was published.  It now consists of hummus, broccoli slaw and tomatoes on multigrain bread. Along with a side of chips it costs $9.49 for one sandwich--no drink. This week I decided to try and make said sandwich at home. I made hummus from scratch, you can find my recipe in the previous post (About $.75).  I bought preshredded, but not yet dressed broccoli slaw from the produce section at Walmart ($1.98). I found a workable multigrain bread in the bread aisle, but I think I'll be buying bread from the Whole Foods bakery from now on. I'm using The Need for Seeds made by Cobblestone Bakery this week. I bought Roma tomatoes because they were significantly better looking than the slicing tomatoes this week (and less expensive).

My only fault with the original version of this sandwich is that it is a bit dry, so I have found myself dumping mayo on top of it. In an effort to be more health conscious I'm subbing plain yogurt for mayo this week.

The broccoli slaw recipe for the original sandwich called for Ken's Honey Dijon dressing, which is now only available in the "lite" version and has things I cannot pronounce in the ingredients so I didn't buy it. Instead I made my own dressing.

Heather's Honey Dijon Dressing

2T honey--locally produced if you can get it!
2T Dijon Mustard--look for the one with the fewest ingredients--I actually bought the Great Value version. Grey Poupon has some unnecessary additives. I couldn't find Golden's or I would have bought that one
2T Cider Vinegar
2T Olive Oil
1T Lemon Juice
Salt and Pepper

Whisk everything together adding  more oil or vinegar as necessary. Dress the slaw mix and allow it to rest in the fridge overnight before using. (It just gets better as the week goes on)

I bought a bag of salt and vinegar chips to go with my sandwiches--they were buy one get one free.

I think I have enough ingredients to make four sandwiches, lets do the math!
Hummus = $.75
Slaw = $1.98
Dressing = $.50
Bread = $1.25 (only using half the loaf)
Tomatoes = $.84
Yogurt = $.25
Chips = $1.25

Total = $6.81  Each sandwich and side of chips made at home costs a total of $1.70!

Dear Columbia Harbor House,
I'm sorry but our love affair is over. It's me, it's not you. I'm so sorry. However, since no one has a published recipe for your tuna salad, I'll be back shortly.

When I finally get around to buying a deep fryer and can make my own potato chips--that number will drop even more! (Don't talk to me about baked potato chips--that's not a real thing!)  Of course if someone would like to buy me a fryer . . .lets talk!

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  1. I make my own potato chips in a deep pan on the stove. They come out perfect.