Wednesday, May 28, 2014

$1 Store Veggie Spring Rolls.

I love Chinese Buffets. Mostly because no one judges the fact that I have a bowl of hot and sour soup followed by as many egg rolls, spring rolls and dumplings as I can comfortably consume in one sitting. I pretty much ignore everything else. 
Right now I can't really afford to eat out or the $12 minimum for delivery. I was kind of excited when I found a package of spring rolls in the freezer section at Dollar Tree.

There were ten spring rolls in the package, but they were slightly smaller than veggie spring rolls from the delivery guy. (Those cost $1.10 each!) 

The package indicates that these could be fried, baked, or microwaved. Believe me if I had a fryer I would have used it, instead I baked them at 400 degrees for 10 minutes, turning once in the middle. They came out nice and crispy. I think if they were microwaved they would have been a soggy mess. 

As for taste, they were a little bland. That was easy to remedy with dipping sauce. I made a honey, ginger, soy, mustard mixture after I discovered I was out of little packets of duck sauce. 
These actually ended up making a pretty satisfying lunch. I would definitely buy these again. They would also go great alongside a ramen noodle dinner! 

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