Monday, October 12, 2015

Seven Layer Bean Dip

 This is so easy it's scary! Just a few ingredients too and it will last all week! Start with a can of refrained beans--you can use either regular, fat free or my personal favorite: black refried beans with jalepe├▒os.
Just spread an even layer across the bottom of a good sized Tupperware.

This dish can be made with or without meat! If you are going to add mean I would use chorizo--either ground or sliced and add it now!

Up next is a can of tomatoes--either diced with green chilis or a poco de gallo. Just make sure you drain it well! 

Next I added a cubed avocado--they were on sale. You can leave this out if it's outside your budget!  Add a can of sliced black olives at this stage too! 

Next cover the whole top with a layer of Greek yogurt and shredded cheese. ! 

This dish is much better if it sits in the fridge for awhile, plus it will keep for several days. I can get 5-6 meals out of one preparation of this dish.

Beans $.68
Tomatoes $.69
Avacado $1.26
Sausage $ .80
Olives $.44
Yogurt $.66
Cheese $1.25

Total: $5.78 or $.97 per meal.

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