Monday, March 10, 2014

Your Library is Free!

Join the Library! It's Not Just Books Anymore!

I know I've written in other places on how great it is to have a library card, but just in case you missed those . . . and I know most of you did! My local library, that would be The Orange County Library System, has wonderful things going on all the time, and tons of different materials.

If you are living on $8.15 an hour, you can't afford to go to the movies, you can't buy books--real ones or kindle books with any frequency, and you probably don't have cable. I'll be honest, I have cable, it's a splurge and I know it. 

A library card is free. Your tax dollars, or more likely in our case, someone else's tax dollars, pay for the library system.

I'm stealing this from an old blog:
 I probably check out a dozen books a week. How you ask? A nifty little website/iTunes App called Overdrive.
How does it work? First you actually have to go to the library and get a library card. You will set up a four digit pin number, just like a bank card. Your library card and pin number allow you access to the digital library. Using Overdrive you can download books to either their e-book reader or your Kindle! The best part is that all of these books are FREE!
Lots of libraries are using this technology, so check your local library's website to see if they participate. The OCLS website is:

Other Things at the Library:

Your library has lots of things besides books! My library offers:
Movies--including new releases, and TV shows on DVD--including recent seasons and series from premium channels like HBO and Showtime
Music CDs
Guest speakers
A book club
Computer Classes
Fitness classes--there are even free yoga classes! 
Art Exhibits
Storytelling and other children's programs
Do It Yourself classes

This week I checked out four CDs--I'm sure you know what you can do with hard copies of CDs once you get them to your computer! I also borrowed four cookbooks about one pots and inexpensive meals--so that I can start working on making some famous chefs' recipes budget friendly. Plus I borrowed CSI Miami Season 2--I hate watching commercials, so this is far better that watching reruns!
I'm sure there are even more things that I haven't discovered yet, but you should go check out your local library. It's a great free way to spend an afternoon and you may discover lots of free resources or even pick up a new hobby at a free class!

Just remember to return your resources on time! Library fines can add up quickly!  

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